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Nightclub For Sale
second level bar/nightclub w/street level entrance, furnished and ready to operate w/dancefloor. Email of contact Contact for m...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
Upscale Beauty Salon & Day Spa
Full service beauty salon and day spa. Business established since 2004. Contact for more information on this Beauty Salon & Day...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $240,000 $50,000
Family Style Restaurant
Family-style restaurant, seats approximately 100 people, current liquor license, all equipment included, take over lease with o...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $170,000 $1,700
Bi - Lingual Newspaper For Sale
Bilingual Newspaper for sale having serve the Latino Community for over 21 years. Founded in 1990. Nebraska's Only Latino Own...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $75,000 $75,000
Bar / Nightclub
Second level bar / nightclub with street level entrance, furnished and ready to operate with dance floor. Contact for more info...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
Restaurant / Rental Hall & Catering Opportunity
Owner of a 3,400 sq ft standalone building for sale / lease (previously a restaurant) is offering to help with start up costs f...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
Building With Rentals & Fitness Center
Commercial building for sale with fitness center, rented apartment plus room for other businesses or rentals. Located in Oakla...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $20,000 $5,000
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Independent Pharmacy For Sale
New independent pharmacy for sale, located in nice neighborhood shopping area. Great start-up opportunity for a pharmacist who...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $600,000 $120,000
Upscale Salon & Day Spa
Exceptionally Beautiful and Contemporary TRUE day spa and salon facility for sale! Located on a major high traffic street. 8 t...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $250K - $500K $240,000 $90,000
Turn Key Repair Business With Real Estate
Turnkey auto repair business for sale is located in Omaha, Nebraska, located on main arterial road of Omaha. 10 years estables...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $179,000
Nail Salon For Sale
This is a great opportunity to own this beautiful decorated salon that has 8 manicure stations and 8 pedicure statiions in Omah...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
Fishing Enthusiast Business For Sale
If your an outdoor lover and always wanted to have your own business, this is a great opportunity to be in business for yoursel...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
Idtf Medical Testing License
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
Outdoor Sports Company For Sale
Powerfish is a Internet site set up to sell high performance Clothing to people who like the outdoors. We are selling the domin...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
Outdoor Sports Company For Sale
Looking to sell our Online Sporting goods company, called Powerfish. We are selling the domain for the web site, and Powerfish...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
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Niche Concrete Service, Exploding Demand
$120000 SBA Financing approved! Fast growing concrete service offers complete inventory and supplies for three employees, marke...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $500,000 $250,000
Gas and Convenience Store For Sale
For sale near Omaha, Nebraska, is a premier grocery store, convenience store, and gas station situated along the a busy Highway...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $1.0M - $2.5M $399,207 $247,876
Established Fitness Club For Sale
10 year old fitness club (franchise) available with very stong membership. Perfect business ownership opportunity for a fitnes...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $80,000 $10,000
Helper Company & 36 Domain Helpers CloudHelper...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $100,000 $10,000
Family Owned Restaurant For Sale
The restaurant name is That's Amore, and it is a small Italian restaurant located in Bellevue, Nebraska, in the Old Towne distr...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $180,000 $50,000
Institutional Product Distributorship
NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORSHIP OPPORTUNITY in Omaha! National Premium Food Company is seeking qualified professional individual /comp...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K
Epoxy Flooring Add-On Business
Asking $38,000 -- This established specialty flooring company is a business for the books. It can be new Buyer’s side business,...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $44,000 $13,000
Glass Fusing With All-Ages Art & Glass Classes
Asking $122,000 -- This unique business that allows others to learn is a great artistic business to make your own. With plenty ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $82,281 $38,089
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Sand Volleyball & Sports Bar - Huge Beer Garden
Asking $288,000 -- This 15-year-old business has made quite the name for itself for not only a great place to grab a drink but ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $250K - $500K $890,000 $91,000
Licensed School With Day Spa & Salon
Asking only $90k! For sale is a centrally located day spa and salon, operating for the last 10 years. Everything is available h...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $123,316 $52,000
45-Year-Old Commercial HVAC & Plumbing
Asking $1,477,252 -- The business is currently doing 75% HVAC and 25% Plumbing and is almost all commercial. They have done sev...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $1.0M - $2.5M $7,515,717 $428,189
Large Exteriors Installation Business
Asking $1.3M -- This business is set to do right at $9 Million in Gross Sales this year! With a full staff in place this alone ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $1.0M - $2.5M $8,928,855 $456,309
Specialty Garage - Owner Works 40 Days / Year
Asking $236,000 - In less than a month a new garage can be placed for a client ~ this business gets the job completed*. This po...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $344,445 $119,113
Large Snow Removal Business - Commercial Only
Asking 1.39M -- This great business where the Seller is only responsible for financials and scheduling, putting in 10-15 hours ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $1.0M - $2.5M $1,379,354 $455,329
Assembly & Fabricating Of Retail Fixtures
Asking 735,000 -- This family-run business has been around since the 1980’s. With little to no marketing or sales being done cu...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $500K - $1.0M $591,524 $226,074
Fitness & Coaching Dual Centers
Asking $120,000 -- The time for transformation is now! Everyone's looking for the gym that has it all, and this Dual-Location ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $436,528 $64,000
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Supplement Store With Nutrition Planning
Asking 118,000 -- The established Nutrition Store is not only well known but also located in a highly populated area where traf...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $293,566 $76,374
Outdoor Recreation With Camping
Asking 660,000 -- This beautiful site is a developing 32 acre private park located on the Elkhorn Riverfront. Currently, 7 acre...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $500K - $1.0M $82,000 $82,000
Women's Weight Management & Fitness Facility
Asking 36,000 - This well-branded Women's Weight Management & Fitness Facility is ready for a new owner/operator! With a lease ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $63,717 $15,613
West Omaha Daycare With 150 Capacity
Asking 145,000 - This 7,000 sq. /ft. plus playground, including before and after school care, daycare has placed a major impact...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $521,598 $90,808
Tanning Salon In La Vista
Asking 74,000 -- This beautifully decorated 10 bed Tanning Salon is for sale in Omaha, Nebraska and is in a great location wher...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $118,294 $41,620
Omaha's Largest Night Club
Asking 494,000 - This premier downtown Omaha nightclub destination, located in the heart of Omaha nightlife, has the capacity t...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $250K - $500K $1,249,167 $418,348
Omaha Bar With Grill - Only 50% Down
Asking $86,000 -- This Party Bar with a great location off the interstate and around several neighborhoods has many features su...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $351,906 $52,000
Sand Volleyball & Sports Bar - Huge Beer Garden
Asking $288,000 -- This 15-year-old business has made quite the name for itself for not only a great place to grab a drink but ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $250K - $500K $890,000 $91,000
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Popular West O Restaurant With Cash Flow 100k+
Asking 320,000 -- This established classy restaurant is approximately doing $50,000 in lunch, $126,000 in catering, $90,000 in ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $250K - $500K $813,292 $95,760
Coupon Mailer And Print Distribution
Asking 235,000 -- This established coupon business is one for the books. With a full avenue of clients and a tremendous amount ...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $168,000 $69,000
Specialty Transportation Business
Asking 390,000 -- For every special event, this event transportation business is the one that people call ~ they currently have...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $250K - $500K $390,000 $74,054
Vehicle Upgrade Shop For Dealerships
Asking 845,000 -- This business has several great qualities, such as the distributorship for 3 products, plus exclusive selling...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $500K - $1.0M $1,932,424 $248,431
Property Manager For Booth Renters
Asking $1,400,000 -- This multi-location artistic company dominates the Midwest and has only 2 main competitors. Business curre...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $1.0M - $2.5M $1,134,836 $388,196
Radiology Center For Sale
Asking $1,400,000 -- The Radiology Clinic is Nebraska's premier PET/CT outpatient diagnostic center located in Midtown Omaha, N...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $1.0M - $2.5M $1,045,000 $314,606
Specialty Dental Clinic
Asking 1.4M -- Do you want to add over a half million dollars to your income yearly? This successful Specialty Dental Clinic of...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $1.0M - $2.5M $968,848 $564,380
Dental Clinic - No DDS Required
Asking $1,600,000 -- This dental clinic is seeing 90 new patients a month! With 2 Full Time Dentists in place the business is s...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $1.0M - $2.5M $1,278,669 $176,064
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Urban Hiphop Wear - High Traffic Shopping Center
Asking $100,000 -- This apparel shop specializes in young people s casual and party ware from Sean John, baby phat, Ed Hardy, C...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha < $250K $120,000 $29,000
Dry Cleaning Facility - Multiple Retail Locations
Asking 800,000 -- With 5+ Retail Locations & 1 Large Warehouse this business is at everyone’s service! This business offers com...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $500K - $1.0M $1,953,614 $221,785
Grocery Store For Sale
Asking $610,000 -- The fully established, successful grocery store is in the heart of a growing neighborhood of Omaha. Fully st...
United States -> Nebraska -> Omaha $500K - $1.0M $4,200,000 $225,000
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