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designing turnkey ecommerce sites using Etool for most small and medium site commerces.Site take about 2 hours to build and se...
Canada -> Quebec -> montreal < $250K $50,000 $1,000
Fromagerie - $120,000 Cash Flow
Connu comme specialiste fromager. Grande variete de fromage du Quebec (60 et plus). Selection de fromages importes de lait cru ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $250K - $500K $900,000 $120,000
Computer Software
Software developing leader (10 years) that has created integrated solutions in the Hospitality and in the Access control market...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $5.0M - $10.0M $1,500,000 $1,000,000
Downtown Dollar Plus Store
Big dollar store, 5100 sqft. + 1000 sqft. Storage, located in the heart of downtown montreal near concordia university. French ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $850,000 $95,000
New Concept Website
The website is a new concept marketting of a television serial,to be purchase on internet.The serial is name ``WINDMILLS OF THE...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $1.0M - $2.5M
Spa For Sale
Institut de beaute. Beautiful set-up with service for facial, manicure, pedicure, massages, waxings and laser.5 rooms are fully...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $170,967 $50,000
School Uniform Company For Sale
School uniform company for sale. Email for more information. Asking $400,000 This business has been established since 1998....
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $250K - $500K $650,000 $150,000
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Cafe Depot
Excellent Cafe Depot Franchise for sale is located in Shopping Center in the West Island. This business has been established si...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $250,000 $75,000
Video Stream Company With Patents For Sale
Company for sale: Seeking $8 Millions for a Video Streaming Company with several Patents. The software company for sale special...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $5.0M - $10.0M
Spa For Sale
Well established full service spa for sale in Centreville Montreal, Qc. Huge expanding possibilities....
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $1.0M - $2.5M
Unique Media Cafe For Sale
Media cafe for sale in the heart of the multimedia / design district. In Old Montreal. Very new trendy and popular area of old...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $160,000 $160,000
Travel Agency For Sale
Asking price: $40,000, Sales $800,000, IATA, no debts, no loans. Contact for more information on this Travel Agency for sale....
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $800,000 $20,000
Cafe / Bistro For Sale
Well situated in the heart of the plateau at Montreal's trendiest district, this business is for sale. It is just steps away fr...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $65,000 $65,000
Math Tutoring Service - Profitable & Enjoyable
Montreal Math is an easy to operate small business with very small costs. We deal with contracting tutoring out to math/physics...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $30,000 $30,000
Liquidation Business
An out of the ordinary Liquidation Business for sale with no competition. We buy only highend bankruptcies and sell them back i...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $2.5M - $5.0M $2,500,000 $800,000
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Hallmark Greeting Cards And Gifts Store For Sale
Hallmark Greeting Cards and Gifts Store For Sale Location: Lachine (Montreal), QC Area: 1,500 sq. ft. Asking Price (ne...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $170,000 $60,000
Well Established Health Corporation
This well established company became a wellness company that provides different nutritional, cosmetic and skin care products. ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K
Nail, Hair Salon & Boutique For Sale
Boutique, Hair and Nail Salon For Sale. Located up above metro Station in the heart of Montreal. Located just beside many Hotel...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $140,000 $40,000
Bakery For Sale In Demanded Prime Area
Price Reduction to Sell! Best local in town, Best rent in an increasing muli cultural community....a vist is worth i...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $329,450 $51,450
West Island Depanneur
Depanneur and video store for sale, open 7 days a week. Opened in 2006. Great location and great condition. The only store of i...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $117,600 $420,000
Marble / Granite Shop For Sell
Marble/Granite/Quartz Manufacturing Shop for Sale. Reputable Corporate Business running since 2007 in the Montreal,LaSalle ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $233,584 $90,000
Sweater, Scarf, Hat And More Knitting Shop
Based in Montreal, Quebec, established textile manufacturer for the manufacturing of knitted sportswear trimmings. Example are ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $500,000 $125,000
Best Business Opportunity No Inventory Needed
Shooting Start Industries, is a Canadian based company who has acquired business relations with many manufacturers for a wide r...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $300,000
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Dollar Store For Sale
Dollar plus Store for sale, located in center downtown of Montreal, very good location, one minute walk to Metro, next to the U...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $400,000 $75,000
Tranport / Warehouse Company
Transport company for sale based in Montreal serviceing Canada,USA is looking for partnership or buy out.Ideal buyer or partner...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $500K - $1.0M $3,000,000 $100,000
Bistro Bar
Located in the heart of downtown. Recently renovated bistro/pub. Stage for live performances. Large terrace. 3,000 plus square ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $250K - $500K $150,000 $775,000
Fruit And Vegatable Route For Sale
Fruit and vegetable route - same route since 18 years - 1 man operation - 5 days: only 20 customers located in Montreal - no cl...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $425,000 $127,500
Resto Bar For Sale
Resto bar for sale. 7 days, Hours: 8:00am - 3:00am, 5 VLT, bar with light food served, 170 seats with 38 in terrace, smoking ar...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $250K - $500K $420,000 $277,000
Fruit And Vegatable Route
Fruit and vegetable route - same route for 18 years - 1 man operation - 5 days: only 20 customers located in montreal - no clie...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $127,500 $425,000
Restaurant For Sale
Excellent location on very busy street, 3,010 sqft 100 seats open 6 days, Monday to Friday 9:00-9:00pm, Thursday to Saturday ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $250K - $500K $448,900 $670,000
Restaurant For Sale
Well know and established franchise restaurant in montreal. In business for over 11 years, with annual sales of $3.4 million do...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $1.0M - $2.5M $3,400,000 $250,000
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Record Label For Sale
Record Label for sale. Objective of 3 years as been achieved with this company to a projection of revenue of $2 million a year ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $1.0M - $2.5M $2,000,000 $500,000
Dress / Gown Rental Business For Sale
We have been in business for over 20+ years we have specialized in formal wear/accessories for ladies of all ages. We have a...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $30,000 $20,000
Health & Nutrition Excellent Income
SOLD****This well established company became a wellness company that provides different nutritional, cosmetic and skin care pro...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $50,000 $50,000
Nail, Hair & Boutique In Downtown For Sale
All in one, hair, nail & boutique for sale! Name: glow salon & boutique Established since: 2008 Price: $58,000 negotiable ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $158,000 $38,000
Dollar Plus Store
well established Dollar Plus store for sale looks more like a variety store in the Montreal area for sale. Very busy shopping m...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K
Body Piercing & Laser Tattoo Removal Boutique For Sale
Established business since 2003 steady growth for 7 years of operation (financial statements provided) asking price: $226,0...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $250,000 $91,000
Travel Agency For Sale
Selling 50% of travel agency. Partner required. Preferably a Greek travel agent with at least 5 years experience in the travel...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $1,000,000 $20,000
New Technological Concept Spa For Sale
New concept spa with all new technologies oriented towards well being. We combine nasa technologies to ease modern ailments as ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal $250K - $500K $112 $48,000
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Photo Shop For Sale
Retail photo shop for sale located in one of prestigus location in heart of Westmount (Montreal) with upscale clientele. Busine...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $225,000 $15,000
Women Golf Equipment Brand For Sale
Our company decided to part from some of our sporting goods active to concentrate our activities on more specific sports such a...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $750,000
Resto & Coffee Shop For Sale
SOLD****Excellent for first business or immigrants! This resto-breakfast coffee shop is located in a building with over 400 cli...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $187,500 $78,000
Complete Spa Center For Sale
SOLD***This immaculate day spa was set up more than 4 years ago and is now a well-recognized brand with a peerless reputation i...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $350,000 $50,000
Renovated Salon For Sale
Trendy Verdun salon for sale on busy street. 70,000 people living in the Verdun region - all seeking services in hair, huge cli...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $30,000 $15,000
Food Franchise For Sale
Ronald Greeley Presents: Fantastic New Franchise Opportunity in Excellent Location. Five day restaurant in a very busy brand...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $300 $50
Restaurant For Sale
Restaurant for sale with 12 seats inside and 12 seats on terrace. New renovated. With a very well equipped kitchen. Good for an...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $50,000 $45,000
Restaurant For Sale
Restaurant for sale with 12 seats inside and 12 seats on terrace. New renovated. With a very well equipped kitchen. Good for an...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $50,000 $45,000
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Transport / Warehousing Company For Sale
Transport company based in Montreal, providing delivery and pickup services in Montreal and surrounding areas only (no cross-pr...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $600,000 $550,000
Nanny And Housekeeper Agency For Sale
Nannies Etc is a company which offers several domestic services geared to help and simply everyday family life. Nannies Etc is ...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K $50,000 $5,000
Established Portuguese Mediterranean Bistro
The Village Centre, Montreal Established Portuguese Mediterranean Bistro on busy main street. In operation since 1994 in pop...
Canada -> Quebec -> Montreal < $250K
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