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ColdFusion Development / Web Hosting
Turn-key Cold Fusion Web Development business. Currently 3 person shop. In business since 1996. 40+ customers, network and host...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $100,000 $20,000
C-Store, Gas, Deli & Property
C-store, independent brand gas, a large deli with seating area, beer & wine, lotto, M.O and transfer services. Gross sale $1.3M...
United States -> Virginia -> Near Charlottesville $250K - $500K $1,300,000 $80,000
High Volume Exxon Auto Repair Station
This Exxon auto repair station is a successfully established business of 19 years. Gross revenue over $2M: inside repair sale $...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $2,100,000 $200,000
C-Store With CITGO Gas
C-store with CITGO gas, beer and wine, lotto, etc. Gross revenue of 2005 $1.7M, Cash flow $116,000 Price: $120,000. Store is lo...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlootesville < $250K $1,700,000 $116,500
The Great C-Store With Gas
Have you been looking for a good store for a long time and are you picky about it? Well, here is ONE GOOD DECENT STORE. This we...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville $1.0M - $2.5M $40,000,000 $350,000
Downtown Food Store
You will be suprised to find such a clean and pleasant food shopping store in downtown area. The pleasant experince continues t...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville $250K - $500K $800,000 $170,000
Perfect Location Grocery Store
This grocery store is located in a unique location that allows to have a competition free environment. It is a full service gr...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville $500K - $1.0M $2,800,000 $70,000
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Restaurant For Sale
Restaurant Business for sale in Central Virginia Area Popular ethnic restaurant business for sale with great reputation amo...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville $250K - $500K $284,000 $24,500
Coin Laundromat
Well established store with absentee ownership. Part time worker has been looking over since its opening.. Laundromat located i...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $61,100 $20,000
Medium Sized Grocery Specialty Foods Market
This is a medium sized grocery store for sale located in a niche market. It is approximately 15,000 square feet. it has a inc...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville $500K - $1.0M $2,500,000 $100,000
Easy Deli Shop
Excellent Family Sub Shop For Sale: 5 & Half Day Open - Ideal Hour, Netting $6,000 a month. 18 years well established franchise...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $230,000 $72,000
Full Service Grocery Store For Sale
Full service grocery with deli, bakery, produce & meat dept. Located in a shopping center next to a bank with a high school and...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville $500K - $1.0M $4,000,000 $300,000
Business Service
This restaurant service business for sale provides a very needed service to large commercial kitchens by extending the life of ...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $57,000 $35,000
High Volume C - Store
Sale Price: $260,000. C-store with branded gas, ABC, lotto etc. Nice bright clean store in a desirable location. Gross Sale: $5...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville $250K - $500K $5,800,000 $175,000
Soda & Snack Vending Route
Soda and Snack Vending Machine Route For Sale $159,000! Currently grossing $156,000 and nets $70,200 per year! Over $75,000 in ...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $156,000 $70,200
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Award Winning Gift Boutique - Prime Locatiion
Well established high-end gifts and collectibles boutique in Charlottesville, Va. Featuring lines such as Pandora, Kameleon, Ci...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $256,991 $160,706
Consistent Money Maker Restaurant / Bar
Profitable restaurant/bar in beautiful Charlottesville, VA. Great entertainment space offering American Pool Association nights...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $190,000 $90,000
Beautiful High Volume Full Service Restaurant
Beautiful high volume full service restaurant with top of the line features! The owners have worked hard to provide a relaxed ...
United States -> Virginia -> Charlottesville < $250K $768,100 $80,725
  1-18 of 18 1-18 of 18 


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