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business-partner - 11/29/2011 7:54:06 AM   

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We're introducing company Dance Heads. It’s new type of business. we call it studio for events. It is easy to help entrepreneurs start and develop their own business. Our goal: It is easy to help entrepreneurs start and develop their own business when the core concept is “To make people smile! :-)” We aim to form a powerful team by drawing the most enterprising, creative and gifted people. We supply them with equipment, train and consult them, provide technical support and share best practices helping them to become even more effective and successful.
It's easy way to earn money. We can help you with this. If you want to know more please contact to me

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RE: business-partner - 1/12/2012 1:12:13 AM   

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Looking for a startup or business in the video entertainment venue? Well, Dance Heads is one such company to be looked at, which offers compact and mobile video attraction that can be used at weddings, parties, bat and bar mitzvahs, corporate events, exhibitions, trade shows, fairs and festivals or can be placed permanently in amusement parks, shopping centres, cinemas and many other public places. Every event organizer wishes to cause the most pleasant emotions in the guests circles and leave unforgettable memories.

Call it Experiential Marketing. You may draw huge attraction from crowds and make successful events by renting Dance Heads video equipment to be placed in your organised party events. Dance Heads’ video studios advertise themselves, attract crowds of spectators and bring lots of fun to any event. Grow your events business this way and you could retain your satisfied customers and even draw in new potential customers.

By doing this business you can not only search clients by your own but also set up mutually beneficial collaboration with different companies and people dealing with entertainment sphere (wedding and event-agencies, photo operators, masters of ceremonies and anchormen). You will help such companies and people to provide customers with more entertainments and they in turn will help you to find more orders.

Here is a fine example of Dance Heads in operation, see with your own eyes how interesting it is:

Dance Heads business doesn’t require any huge organizational costs, doesn’t require large a number of employees, assures you of a fast return on investment. Dance Heads is enjoyed by a diversified customer base – from young children to older customers in their 50?s.or 70; It brings a real sense of joy and also generates great income.

For more details, visit Dance Heads

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RE: business-partner - 1/12/2012 4:37:07 AM   

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Dear Colleagues -- Entrepreneurs,

You are among those people who make our world better! Many of those wonderful things that surround us today were created because of your dreams, hard work, and efforts. And your input is worthy of respect. And if the following information helps some of you to become even more successful then I will know I did not waste my time. In 20 years of my work, I have launched over 12 successful business projects. Every new project was larger and more interesting than its predecessor. As long as I can remember, I always chose my new business with my heart, so to speak, instead of building chains of logical thought. Perhaps, that is the reason for the success of my companies, since it is easy to achieve higher results when you love what you do. Then, instead of a boring job, it becomes an exciting game which brings a lot of pleasure. The feeling that I get when I see a worthy product, or when suddenly I come up with a fabulous business idea, resembles excitement and passion that a gamer experiences before a big captivating game. That is the feeling I have now, because I found a very interesting product and I am starting a big fascinating game surrounding it. But I must tell you how it happened in an orderly manner. It is an exciting story!

Last year, while closing the sale on my two last companies, I was trying to figure out what to do next. I could not imagine my life without a new game, which is why I was actively seeking for new ideas. As a rule, when I start my search for a new business, first of all, I try to have a clear idea of what I am looking for, what kind of business it should be. I define my ideas and write them down with maximum clarity. It is a good method, you should try it. It helps to organize everything in your mind, focus on the search, avoid unpleasant mistakes, and wasting of time and money. This is how I saw my next business:

• The product has to be interesting. It attracts a lot of attention from people, is well accepted by the customers, and ignites positive emotions and attitude.
• The business allows me to be creative. I can develop and improve the product by myself.
• Initial investments are not large. I do not need to build a production facility and buy equipment, investing a lot of money in that.
• The business is highly profitable. Return on my investment is fast (within 6-8 months)
• I do not need to have a large number of employees for this business.
• The business allows participation of other people as independent partners.
They can receive significant profits and become №1 on the market of their region.

As you can see, the “ideal picture” of my business was quite well-defined. The search was active so I had many options; however, none of them matched my description, there was always something important missing. Frankly speaking, I started to worry. The situation was resolved quite unexpectedly during my trip to Los Angeles. We had a busy trip agenda. It involved a participation in a large business conference, multiple meetings, as well as visiting a variety of places of interest, including a well-known theme park Universal Studios. This happened to be the place where I saw the subject of my future business, which at that moment, was hidden behind a crowd of laughing people.

Wondering what caused such an emotional reaction from the audience, my friends and I started to push forward. When we reached the epicenter of the crowd’s attention, we saw a small cute video both with two 15-year-olds sitting on round chairs inside. Both of them were wearing bright green capes. All of this looked very unusual and reminded of some kind of a show. “Dance Heads” logos were written on the booths. The teenagers were very excited and did not take their eyes of the camera, preparing for the show. People around the booth were constantly smiling. Anticipation of something remarkable and interesting was in the air. The image from the camera was immediately reflected on the big monitor, which at that point did not show anything special other than the smiling faces of those same two boys.

Suddenly, a loud and cheerful music started to play. The teenagers, who looked even happier than before, started to move their heads to the music, make faces, and lip sync something, while staring into the camera. Roars of laughter were heard all around. I was trying my best to see what everyone was laughing at, but I could not get a glimpse of it and started to get annoyed. Finally, when I switched my attention from the guys to the monitor, I simply could not believe it. On the screen I still saw the same two teenagers, but now in the form of two macho men, well dressed and dancing professionally to a Latin-American hit. Right in front of my eyes, those two boys sitting on the chairs were transformed in some unimaginable way, and all of a sudden, became the main characters of a funny music video. It was incredible! When the filming was finished, they approached the booth operator and received their DVDs with their performance debut in a bright wrapping.

Next in line to the chairs in the booth were an elderly lady of about 65 and her companion, who was a bit older. They chose a video for their future performance (as it turned out, there were more than 40 options), and after a few minutes, what we saw on the big screen was that lady, now with voluptuous breasts and beautiful legs, dancing to a popular Elvis Presley hit. Her boyfriend was dancing next to her in a posh tuxedo. People around the booth were simply rolling on the floor laughing. Meanwhile, completely captivated by this show, I started to estimate the potential of this business. When I reviewed all of the points on my list and compared them to what I saw before me, I almost forgot to breathe. I realized that this was it; this was what I was looking for. My friends and I got in line, paid $20 and soon, as we were wiping the tears of laughter off our faces, we received our music videos. Later, I think I showed this video no less than 100 times to my friends and acquaintances, carefully watching their reaction. Every single viewing was accompanied by a hearty laughter and a question, “Where can I do this?”

The decision to start this business was made without any doubts. The network of potential clients was obvious. My thought process was as follows: at any place where there is a steady flow of people a booth like this will receive a lot of attention. But we have to strive to preserve the exclusivity of this incredibly bright product that attracts so much attention and positive emotions. This is why it is so important to prevent it from being easily accessible by using it only for special occasions. Then it is in the bag. I did not have to puzzle my head over this for too long. There are hundreds of different special occasions, such as corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, festivals, new restaurant, store or club openings, happening in any city every day. The opportunities are unlimited! And of course every host wants their guests to be delighted, impressed, surprised, and to throw a special party, but there is rarely anything new. But the booth is a show by itself! At any of these special events this booth would be the center of attention. The guests will be delighted.

I contacted the manufacturer of this product, DH Recordings company, as soon as I got home, and received a confirmation to what I already thought about – the Dance Heads booths were extremely popular during special events and holidays. Even more inspired now, I continued to communicate with the company’s representatives and learned that the Dance Heads brand is quite famous in many countries of the world and it has among its clients some well known celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Hugh Laurie, David and Victoria Beckham, Hugh Hefner, and many others. A week later, I signed a contract and purchased five studios. I think that I was more excited about my studios than a child on a Christmas Eve waiting for Santa Claus to bring him presents. When I received the freight, I could barely wait for my employees to unpack and assemble one of the studios. Finally, when everything was ready, the music started and I experienced the magic of Dance Heads again.

Now the real work had started. We quickly put together a presentation, made price lists, determining the rental cost for the studio with an operator to be between $1000 and $2000 per event (depending on the work hours and the day of the week), and launched a promotion campaign. The very first event (VIP party for a large company) for which we used the studio confirmed all of my calculations. Despite the fact that the VIP guests of the party had seen a lot during their lives, it made a splash! The feedback we received from the hosts and the guests was delightful, and the studio was the star attraction of the party. During the next month we did several events, parties, birthdays, and different presentations. The word of mouth spreads fast and the number of requests from customers simply skyrocketed. And it could not have been otherwise, since every guest at every event we catered for left with a present that he would later show to all of his friends, family, and acquaintances.

The attractiveness of the Dance Heads immediately manifested itself in the form of interest from serious customers and mass media. In a blink of an eye, the audience started to see the Dance Heads studios more and more often during the VIP events serviced by the stars of the entertainment market. During the second month of our work, our profits grew threefold, and my employees were not surprised anymore, planning to work with 4 or 5 studios in a single day for several events simultaneously.

It has only been a year since then, but I feel like it has been twenty since we had such a busy schedule. Our company has now become the exclusive DH Recordings distributor for the USA and now we can have partners from other states join us, which, as you can remember, was involved in the point 6 of my plan. Not everyone will be able to join the Dance Heads team, of course, but we will be happy to welcome creative and successful people worthy of the reputation, attention, and respect that the business of Dance Heads brings to its owners. Those partners will divide the USA market between themselves, while we will be glad to help them in their work, share with them our successful experience and knowledge, and provide them with technical support.

The detailed description of the business opportunity can be downloaded from here

So, dear friend, if you like making people smile and you are happy to be a part of a professional team, where you and your business are the center of attention, then send your request to:

Andrey Timoshenko
DH Development President

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Legality - 4/5/2012 1:36:40 AM   

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Dance Heads business is totally legal. All content is licensed, owners of proprietary rights for music videos are paid with due royalties. Payment of license royalties in case of Dance Heads is organized simply and comfortably – it is automatically included in the price of corporate DVDs.

You won’t have any problems with the law!

Want to learn more? >>>
Join our team!

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Advantages of business - 4/6/2012 2:00:37 AM   

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We totally understand that before you decide to start this business you need to investigate it in all details, determine its advantages, choose the best equipment from what is available on the market and choose the most qualified and reliable partners to feel confidence in your success.
Mistakes done at the stage of choosing business and partners usually happen because of the absence of reliable information necessary for comprehensive analysis execution. That is why we decided to insert this paragraph in the business description.
Below is the list of Dance Heads business advantages:


You don’t need to have large capital in order to start Dance Heads business. You can start your own business with purchasing of only one recording studio and to increase the number of units which bring you income gradually, creating your own big net.
You don’t need large investments to start business!


Entertainment industry is one of the most profitable and quickly compensated business areas all over the world. “Bread and circuses” – as people exclaimed in Ancient Rome!
As an entertainment service Dance Heads have one more distinctive advantage: it occupies such a market niche where there is no strong business competition and struggle for gaining customers. Dance Heads product allows customers to reach a new level of interactive participation.
You will always get high income in the sphere of entertainment!


Being the owner of Dance Heads business you are well-protected from risks of financial losses as you don’t invest your money in something you cannot see and cannot touch. What makes the main cost of this business is equipment.
In future if while doing this business you see that you’ve already achieved your objectives or your interests and goals have changed you can always sell this business. When everything is arranged, studios are working and bringing stable income without requiring much attention from the founder side, you can always sell it profitably as a working business.
New owner will also have the right to use Dance Heads trademark and receive support from Headquarters Dance Heads.
You have guarantees against risks!

Want to learn more? >>>
Join our team!

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RE: Advantages of business - 2/7/2013 2:09:35 AM   


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Is it helpful for getting the business partners or one should alone go for the business.

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