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blueskys -> importance of a logo (12/13/2011 2:06:58 PM)

I am a freelance graphic designer and i know that i have learned in college that corporate identity which is a logo, business card, letterhead etc is important to a business becausse it reflects the type of work that you do.

jasonbrien -> RE: importance of a logo (1/5/2012 4:16:10 AM)

Logo symbolizes your company and provides an image nothing else can provide. It is one of the many important yet missed elements for many businesses. Either the company doesn’t have one or it isn’t good enough. It is crucial to have one for branding purposes and gives your company an identity. A company without a logo will raise questions about your business and a lost of identity.

jessicadavid -> RE: importance of a logo (5/9/2012 12:53:53 AM)

One cannot deny the importance of logo in business world. Logo reflects the type of your business & sometimes people recognize a company with the help of logo.

saliviya -> importance of a logo (7/11/2012 4:39:12 AM)

Business logo is important for your business as it describe company service and its reputation. In starting may be people don't know you so much but after some when they know your service they will give reference to your company by your logo so it should be interactive and unique.

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