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Business Type: Opportunity
Financing Assistance: No
Training and Support: Yes
Total Franchise Costs: $12,500 - $50,000
Liquid Capital Required: $20,000


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Hottest Moneymaker in the Soft Drink Industry

The energy drink market is the most profitable, fastest growing segment of the $100+ billion dollar beverage industry. That's why ENTECH USA is offering a brand new vending concept for anyone who wants to take advantage and succeed in this market. This industry welcomes the recession, and Sports Energy Drink Machines are here to stay!

You see, energy drinks sell from $2.50 to $3.00+ retail nationwide. This is incredible if you consider that a can of soda the same size costs $0.50 to $0.75. Even a 20-ounce soda runs you about $1.25. Now, where can you make those types of profits today?

Industry Facts

  • "The favorite beverage of office and industrial workers is Red Bull and other energy drinks." People Magazine (February '05)
  • "Energy drinks are this generations answer to coffee." Beverage News (November '04)
  • "Energy drinks, led by the Red Bull and Monster brands, grew by more than 49 percent in 2006." The Gourmet Retailer (June '07)
The energy drink category has enjoyed tremendous success, displaying a staggering 516% sales growth between 2001-2007, according to market research firm Mintel. Also, 35% of teens and 45% of young adults consume energy drinks daily. With growing consumer demand and increased profit margins, it's projected to easily exceed $10 billion by 2010. All of this growth is coming from the continued "health and wellness" trend in the US today.

Consider the Benefits

1. Cash in on a great turnkey operation (all cash – flexible hours)
2. Only true energy drink vending machine available in the United States
3. No competition for locations
4. Energy drinks outsells all other soft drinks at least two-to-one!
5. Our machine vends all brands of energy drinks (Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster Energy, Sobe Adrenaline Rush, etc.)
6. Only one distributor per territory

Recession?…What Recession?…Not in the Energy Drink Market!

You can feel safe and secure protecting your family finances during this economic crisis by investing into a profitable energy drink vending distributorship. Why?

  • Because it's entirely recession-proof
  • More young people are drinking Red Bull, Monster, etc. than ever before
  • Double your money on a weekly basis
  • If you have $12,500 to invest, we can show you how

Why invest in the same old snack, soda, or gumball vendors everyone else has? Machines that have been oversold, over placed, and over saturated for years. Energy drinks are popular year round, don't go out of fashion, and appeal to a wide and varied market.

Just think about this…when you go into an office building, warehouse, strip mall or many other public places…you are looking at potential locations where your Sports Energy Drink Machines could be making you trouble-free, cash profits.

There is a minimum investment of $12,500 required. Protected Territories Available Now!
You must be able to start your business within the next 30 days to qualify!

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