Meatballz Italian Gourmet Deli Franchise
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Business Type: Franchise
Financing Assistance: Yes, Via Third Party
Training and Support: Yes
Total Franchise Costs: $250,000 - $500,000
Liquid Capital Required: $80,000
Net Worth Required: $250,000


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Meatballz Italian Gourmet Deli Franchise Information:

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Meatballz fills an important niche in the Italian restaurant market that will make this franchise a great success. Franchisors Peter Trunzo and Robert Vallilo are willing to share their acquired industry secrets for success with select and qualified individuals who share their desire to grow the Meatballz franchise nationally now & internationally later. This unique franchise offers individuals like you a chance to own single or multiple franchised restaurants. A few select individuals will also be offered the opportunity to become a regional franchise developer who will not only open their own Meatballz franchised restaurant but will help others open their own restaurant(s) while earning up front Franchise Fee commissions as well as ongoing weekly Royalty Fee commissions from all of the Meatballz restaurants within their own region. Whether you own one or more Meatballz franchised restaurants you'll be fully supported by your local regional franchise developer as well as by the Meatballz national office staff.


With a Meatballz franchise you are at the right place at the right time. By opening your own franchised Meatballz Italian Gourmet restaurant you are not only taking advantage of an ever increasing number of restaurant customers but you are also choosing one of the most popular style of cuisine. A Meatballz franchise possesses the spirit & tradition of Italian dining by creating a friendly close relationship with your customers in a warm family type atmosphere. But in the end it's not only the family friendly atmosphere but it's the huge selection of sophisticated specialty menu items that tastes great that makes Meatballz THE place to be & the franchise to own. Meatballz is true Italian food. You'll take pride in providing the best dining experience possible at very affordable prices. It's that pride which has made Meatballz a success for years & it's that pride which will make you successful. Nothing is spared. Your customers will receive everything they expect & more! Fresh Mozzarella. Stove baked sauces. Baked pastas. Specialty meats. Pizza to die for. Meatballz serves only the best everyday and that is what has and will continue to make us so successful. There may be more to life than great dining experiences but we haven't found whatever it is yet. We look forward to partnering with others who are as dedicated to providing fabulous food and great friendly dining experiences as we are. Is that you?


The first Meatballz Italian Gourmet Deli was opened in February of 2004 by Peter Trunzo & Robert Vallillo in Scottsdale, AZ. Since that first day Robert & Peter have passionately created the finest Italian food this side of the Mediterranean. They understand one truth clearly: Give customers a lot of great food at reasonable prices and you'll not only keep them coming back again & again but you'll gain lots of new friends at the same time. That kind of loyalty is Meatballz's key to success. Within a very few months after the original Meatballz restaurant opened one could hardly find an available table during lunchtime. Meatballz was a completely new type restaurant. Customers could enjoy the exact sophisticated style of Italian food found only in traditional Italian restaurants but at a fraction of the time & of the cost of other restaurants. No other franchise with the combination of great Italian food and affordable prices existed in 2004 or exists today for that matter. From Robert's greeting of "Who'z better than you?" to the time customers pay their modest food bill they enjoy the best Italian food to be found this side of Italy. No one walks away feeling half full or half appreciated. Opportunities abound in every corner of America for the fabulous dining experience provided by Meatballz Italian Gourmet Deli restaurants. Is this the franchise opportunity you've been looking for?


There has never been a better time for individuals seeking to start a career in the food services industry. It is estimated that food services generate over $537 billion in annual revenues and this is a trend that shows little sign of slowing down. People's lives are so busy that eating out makes very good sense and people simply enjoy the experience of dining out with family & friends while leaving the cooking to someone else. Those who service this demand are in an enviable position to enjoy a very rewarding profession while their own family benefits financially. One of the most attractive benefits of owning a Meatballz franchise is the fact that industry statistics show Italian food to be the most popular and most visited type of restaurant. In addition, Italian restaurants attract larger family sized crowds resulting in more revenue per ticket and more repeat business than most other type restaurants.

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