Shanes Rib Shack Franchise
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Business Type: Franchise
Financing Assistance: Yes, Via Third Party
Training and Support: Yes
Total Franchise Costs: $400,000 - $500,000
Liquid Capital Required: $100,000
Net Worth Required: $500,000


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Shane's Rib Shack Restaurant Franchise Information:

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Leverage of a Portfolio Company

From recruiting to real estate, and from purchasing to marketing, Petrus Brands achieves a significant advantage in the marketplace by using the leverage among our multiple brands to strengthen each of these brands. This leverage provides unique opportunities for our franchisees every day, and is the most compelling reason for a true portfolio company.

Skilled and Seasoned Management

From the top of the organization and with every Petrus Brands partner, our company is becoming known across America for people with vision, energy, professionalism, and talent -and that is just the beginning of our success. We are also building a management team known for focus and discipline, at a time when the marketplace demands nothing less.

Breakthrough Brands

Our brands are compelling in every way - tasty, healthy food in an enjoyable and inviting atmosphere. From our food to our people to our experience, Petrus Brands is raising the bar every day as we reinvent the restaurant industry.

What Petrus Brands Offers

Our success doesn't stop with Shane's Rib Shack. We are part of Petrus Brands, which offers a diverse portfolio of exciting brands that are defining the fast-casual food industry, including Planet Smoothie. We're a business about:

We're a business about:

  • Great people
  • Breakthrough brands
  • Passion for what we do every day
  • Unique opportunities.

Our brands, our product, and our franchisees are the best-in-class. We work day-in and day-out to maintain that advantage in the marketplace.

Our goal is simple and straightforward - to create a world of Petrus Fans, one mouth at a time, and we're always on the lookout for partners who can help us make this vision a reality.


We provide the best-in-class support that doesn't end once your store is built, your staff is trained, and your business is opened. Each store is assigned a business consultant who will assist in the strategic and operational questions that you will inevitably encounter after your Grand Opening. We're here to motivate, encourage, and share best practices.

All of our business consultants have extensive franchise operations experience and can help you through some of the finer points of operating your business—from scheduling to accounting, from driving top-level sales to cutting costs without cutting quality. We're accountable to each other—so our business consultants are there to make you the best you can be.

We're looking for partners. Ready to get started?

It's Gonna Get Messy! Shane's Rib Shack is about family, community and darn good food. We're inventing the fast-casual BBQ segment by offering a family-style environment with a mouthwatering generations-old BBQ sauce recipe. Shane's feeds consumers the freshest ribs, pork, and chicken in the industry, Shane's proves that BBQ isn't just a country thing, its mainstream America—and all that goes with it.

Real People, Real Food

Unlike the "old school" BBQ joints that fire up their smokers only twice a week, satisfied to serve machine ground pork that might be 3 to 4 days old, Shane's serves fresh, clean pork. We smoke it overnight -- every night -- and hand chop it every morning so our customers enjoy the best tasting, freshest pork around. Everyone notices the difference that this commitment makes in taste.

The only person who can outdo Shane is Shane. He began franchising in late 2004 and each unit is more spectacular than the last. That's because each Shane's Rib Shack is part of the community, not just a member of it. People know we're coming long before we get there.

Real Estate

Location, location, location. Did we mention location?

Real estate is a huge part of our success. Great locations drive traffic and fuel concepts. By taking a proactive approach we secure and maintain deals well into the future. Our real estate expertise gains us access to the hottest locations in town and our tremendous buying power enables us to leverage multiple concepts in one location. This satisfies landlords' desire for large deals instead of multiple small ones. We believe so firmly in the power our brands we'll often take on real estate projects on our own. The versatility of our business model allows us to adapt to any environment. Whether it's the big city, suburbs, strip malls, or stand-alone stores, we've got it covered.

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