Electronic Parts Inventory For Sale


Listing ID: 700275090

Listing Title: Electronic Parts Inventory For Sale

Quick Link: http://www.globalbx.com/listing.asp?bId=275090

Industry: Manufacturing

Industry Segment: Computers and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

Country: United States

State / Province: California

Area Northern California - Bay Area


Asking Price Range: < $250K

Gross Revenues: Seller Will Provide

Cash Flow: Seller Will Provide

Cash Flow Type: Sellers Discretionary Cash

Year Established: 2010

Number of Employees: 1 - 3

Business Description:
We are wholesaler of electronic parts in California since 2010. Currently we are going to sell all of our inventory including Fujitsu touch screen panels. The following are some of parts listing and please contact to us if you are interested. N010-0510-T237 256pcs Fujitsu 15 inch 7‐wire fujitsu touch screen panel 16pcs / box N010-0554x321/01 304pcs Fujitsu 15 inch 4‐wire fujitsu touch screen panel 16pcs / box N010-0550-T618 233pcs Fujitsu 12 inch 7‐wire fujitsu touch screen panel N990-9519-x071 118pcs Fujitsu 4 inch fujitsu touch screen panel N010-0533-T341-T 90pcs Fujitsu 4 inch fujitsu touch screen panel N990-9519-x181 19pcs Fujitsu 4 inch fujitsu touch screen panel N990‐9519‐x201 115pcs Fujitsu 4 inch fujitsu touch screen panel

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