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Letters of Credit: How They Work and Why You Should Use Them

When a business owner is unable to pay for items or merchandise that their business needs to survive they are likely to seek assistance from a financial institution. To solve this problem many business owners obtain bank loans, but there are additional alternatives available.

A letter of credit is a legal statement that is made in writing by a financial institution. The statement guarantees that the business owner, or another individual in question, will be able to pay for their purchase in time. For example, a letter of credit is often used to help business owners purchase emergency equipment or pay rent on a building. Letters of credits allow business owners to continue operating their business when they do not have the funds at the moment to do so. If a payment is not made on or before the agreed upon date, the financial institution supplying the letter of credit will be held legally responsible for making the payment.

In addition to purchasing equipment for a business, a letter of credit can also be used to purchase a business. There are many cases when an individual is interested in purchasing a business, but they may not have the funds readily available. To prevent another individual from purchasing that business they often ask their financial institution to supply a letter of credit. A letter of credit is often given in this situation when an individual has been approved for a business loan, but has not yet received the funds.

Many business owners or business suppliers are more than willing to accept a letter of credit from an established financial institution. Letters of credit are beneficial to all business owners or those looking to become business owners because it gives them the flexibility they need to survive in the business world.

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