New Business for Sale Categories
7-Elevens,   AAMCO Shops,   Absentee,   Adult Shops,   Advertising Agencies,   Aerospace,   Agricultural Supply,   Air Transport,   Alternative Health,   Aquatic And Marine,   Arcades,   Museums And Art Galleries,   Art Shops,   Bargain Stores,   Bathroom Related,   Bedroom Related,   Bike Shops,   Boat Related,   Book Keeping,   Bookmakers Gambling,   Breweries,   Bridal Wear Shops,   Building Maintenance Janitorial,   Business Brokerages,   Butchers,   Cafeterias,   Camping And Caravan Parks,   Card Laundry,   Gift Card Store,   Carpenters And Joiners,   Carpet Cleaning Equipment,   Catteries,   Chauffeur,   Childrens Play,   Childrens Wear Shops,   Cinemas,   Civil Engineering,   Clothing And Fashion,   Coffee Tea Shops,   Coffee Roasters,   Concession Stands Trailers Carts,   Concrete,   Conference Facilities,   Consignment Stores,   Construction Supply,   Cookie Stores,   Corporate Training,   Country Clubs,   Couriers And Dispatch,   Curtain And Blinds,   Dairy Queen Restaurants,   Dating Agencies,   Decorating,   Dessert,   Development And Investment Opportunities,   Dine In Restaurants,   DIY Related,   Domain Name,   Domestic Cleaning Maid Service,   Donut Shops,   Drive Thru Restaurants,   Driving Schools,   Dunkin Donuts,   Durable Goods,   eBay,   Electrical Appliance Manufacturers,   Employment Agencies,   Energy Related,   Engineering Consultancies,   Engineering Manufacturing,   Engraving,   Entertainment Agencies,   Environmental,   Fabrication,   Family Restaurants,   Fast Food Franchises,   Fedex,   Fine Dining Restaurants,   Fireplace And Stove,   Fish Restaurants,   Fishmongers,   Food And Drink Distributors Wholesalers,   Food Carts Stands,   Food Manufacturers,   Food Retail,   Food Trucks,   Food Vending,   French Restaurants,   Full Service Restaurants,   Gas Petrol Stations,   Glass Products Manufacturers,   Glaziers Glazing,   Gourmet Food Restaurants,   Grill Restaurants,   Haberdasheries,   Hamburger Restaurants,   Hawaiian Style Restaurants,   Health And Safety,   Health Farms,   Health Food Supply Nutrition,   Heavy Machinery,   Holiday,   Holiday Resorts,   Home Accessories,   Home And Office Furniture,   Home Based,   Horse Riding,   Hot Air Balloon,   Hot Dog Stands Restaurants,   House And Garden Products Manufacturing,   Housebuilding,   Industrial Office Cleaning,   Injection Molding,   IT Maintenance,   IT Manufacturing,   IT Network Telecommunications,   IT Retail,   IT Software,   Kitchen And Bedroom Manufacturers,   Kitchen Related,   Korean Restaurants,   Ladies Wear Shops,   Leisure Recreation Fun,   Lodges,   Lounges,   Wood Stone Concrete Manufacturing,   Marquee,   Mechanical Services,   Medical Products Manufacturing,   Mediterranean Restaurants,   Mens Wear Shops,   Metal Casting,   Metal Fabrication,   Middle Market,   Military Stores,   Mines Mining,   MRI Centers,   Newsagents,   Nursing Homes,   Weight Loss,   Offices,   Oil Gas Petrochemical,   Oil Wells,   Online Retailer,   Organic Restaurants,   Outdoor Adventure,   Pack And Ship,   Pasta Pizza Shops,   Patents,   Photocopying,   Pizza Delivery,   Popular,   Post Offices,   Pretzel Shops,   Printing Typesetting,   Profitable,   Estate Agencies,   Public Shell Companies,   Saloons,   Quiznos Restaurants,   Ready Made Shelf Companies,   Relocatable,   Removal,   Retail Space,   Road Haulage And Freight,   Salvage Yards,   Sandwich Shops,   Sawmills,   SBA Financing,   School Uniform,   Scuba Diving,   Seller Financed,   Senior Living Care,   Shoe Repair,   Shopping Center,   Snowboard Skateboard,   Social Clubs,   Soft Furnishing,   Software Companies,   Specialist Subcontractors,   Specialty Restaurants,   Sport Equipment Manufacturers,   Sports Bars,   Sports Centres,   Sports Stores,   Sports Teams,   Stationery Office Supply,   Steak Steakhouse Restaurant,   Strip Clubs,   Sushi Seafood Restaurants,   Swimming Pool,   Tailor,   Take Aways,   Tax Services,   Technical Service,   Telephone Service,   Tennis Clubs,   Thai Restaurants,   Theme Restaurants,   Thrift Stores,   Tourism,   Translation,   TV Video Hi Fi Shops,   UPS Stores,   Valet,   Vegetarian Restaurants,   Video Game Stores,   Vietnamese Restaurants,   Wineries Vineyards,   Web Design And Development,   Websites,   Wine Bars,   Yoga Studios,   Yogurt Stores  

 Automotive Businesses for Sale
Auto Rental-Car Rental,   ATV-Powersports-Motorsports,   Auto Dealerships-Car Dealerships-RV,   Auto Detailing,   Auto Glass-Window Tinting-Windshield Repair,   Auto Parts-Tire Shops,   Auto Repair-Transmission Repair-Auto Body,   Boat Dealer-Marine Dealerships,   Car Washes,   Gas Stations,   Motorcycle Dealers,   Oil Change-Lube Shops,   Towing,   Trucking Companies,   Truck Stops-Truck Stations

 Agricultural Businesses for Sale
Farms-Farm Land,   Farm Equipment-Lumber Yard,   Feed Store-Feed Mill,   Fish Stores-Charter Fly Fishing,   Forestry,   Greenhouses-Nurseries,   Ranches-Ranch Land

 Banking-Financial Businesses for Sale
ATM,   Banks,   Check Cashing-Cash Advance-Payday Loan,   Collection Agencies-Debt Collection,   Credit Repair-Credit Card Processing,   Equipment Rental-Equipment Leasing,   Insurance Agencies,   Mortgage Brokerages,   Title-Escrow

 Building-Construction Businesses for Sale
Architectural,   Asphalt-Paving,   Carpentry-Carpentry,   Contracting-Contractor,   Drywall-Masonry,   Electrical-Electrician,   Engineering,   Excavation-Excavating,   Flooring,   HVAC-Air Conditioning,   Insulation,   Interior Design,   Machine Shops-Welding,   Painting-Painters,   Plumbing,   Restoration-Remodeling,   Roofing,   Scaffolding,   Solar Power-Energy Conservation,   Surveying-Surveyors

 Business Service Businesses for Sale
Accounting-CPA Firms,   Advertising-Marketing,   Call Centers-Telemarketing,   Graphic Design,   IT-Information Technology,   Legal-Law Practices,   Management Consulting,   Post Office-Courier-Mailbox Stores,   Printing-Copy Print Shops,   Real Estate Businesses-Real Estate Agencies,   Shipping,   Sign Shop-Signage,   Staffing,   Telecom-Telecommunications-VOIP

 Computer-Technology Businesses for Sale
Computer Consulting-Software Consulting,   Computer Product-Computer Hardware,   Computer Store-Computer Shop,   Computer Training-Software Training,   Computer Repair-PC Repair,   Computer VAR,   ECommerce,   Internet Businesses,   Internet Cafes,   ISPs for Sale,   Software-Web Development

 Education-Training Businesses for Sale
Adult Day Care,   Daycares-Child Care Centers,   Schools-Preschools-High Schools,   Training-Corporate Training,   Tutoring-Learning Centers,   Vocational Schools

 Entertainment Businesses for Sale
Amusement Parks-Theme Parks,   Bowling Alley-Bowling Centers,   Casinos-Arcade,   Event Planning-Party Wedding Planning,   Family Fun Centers-Batting Cage-Family Entertainment,   Modeling Talent Casting Agencies,   Movie Theaters,   Night Clubs-Dance Clubs,   Pool Hall-Poker Rooms-Billiards,   Travel Agencies-Travel Businesses

 General Service Businesses for Sale
Appliance Repair,   Barber Shops,   Beauty Salons Sale,   Bottled Water-Water Stores,   Coin Laundromats-Coin Laundries,   Day Spas-Medical Spas,   Dry Cleaning-Dry Cleaners,   Electronics Repair-TV VCR Repair,   Embroidery-Screen Printing,   Equipment Rental-Equipment Leasing,   Funeral Homes-Cemeteries,   Hair Salons,   Jewelry Repair-Watch Repair,   Laundromats-Laundrymats-Laundry,   Locksmith,   Nail Salons,   Security-Alarm-Security Guard,   Tanning Salons,   Upholstery-Furniture Repair,   Wedding Businesses-Wedding Chapels

 Health-Fitness Businesses for Sale
Ambulance,   Assisted Living Facilities-Assisted Living Center,   Care Homes-Care Business-Care Facilities,   Chiropractic Practices,   DME Medical Supply-Medical Supplies,   Dermatology Practices-Skin Care Clinics,   Dental Labs,   Gyms-Fitness Centers-Health Clubs,   Health Food Stores,   Home Health Care,   Hospitals,   Massage-Massage Therapy,   Medical Billing,   Medical Labs,   Medical Businesses-Medical Office-Medical Practices,   Dental Practices-Dentist-Dental Offices,   Medical Transcription,   OB GYN-Gynecology Practices,   Optometry Practices-Optical Stores-Optometrist,   Pharmacies-Pharmacy-Drug Stores,   Physical Therapy,   Psychiatry Practices,   Urology Practices,   Veterinary Clinics-Veterinary Hospitals

 Home Improvement Businesses for Sale
Furniture Stores-Mattress,   Gardening-Garden Stores,   Glass-Blinds-Window Covering-Garage Door,   Granite-Tile-Carpet-Flooring Stores,   Interior Design,   Remodeling-Home Improvement-Home Restoration

 Kids-Children Businesses for Sale
Baby Stores-Baby Businesses,   Child Care Centers-Preschools,   Children's Clothing Boutiques-Shops,   Toy Stores-Hobby Shops,   Tutoring-Learning Centers

 Maintenance Businesses for Sale
Carpet Cleaning,   Cleaning-Janitorial,   Commercial Cleaning,   Handyman-Handyman Service,   Landscape-Landscaping-Lawn Care,   Parking Lot Services,   Pest Control,   Pool Businesses-Pool Cleaning,   Recycling-Recycle,   Window Cleaning

 Manufacturing-Industrial Businesses for Sale
Clothing-Apparel-Textile Manufacturing,   Chemical-Manufacturers,   Electronics Manufacturers,   Furniture Manufacturers-Wood Products-Cabinets,   Food Manufacturing-Food Distribution-Food Wholesale,   Instrument Manufacturing,   Machinery Manufacturers-Tool Manufacturing,   Machine Shops-CNC,   Metal Manufacturers-Metal Products Manufacturing,   Paper Products-Packaging Manufacturing,   Plastic Manufacturing,   Woodworking-Cabinet Shops-Wood Products

 Media-Publishing Businesses for Sale
Newspapers-Magazine Publishers,   Printing-Copy Print Shops,   Production Companies-Video Production Studios,   Radio Stations,   Recording Studios-Record Labels,   TV Stations-Film

 Pet Businesses for Sale
Dog Grooming-Pet Care,   Dog Kennels-Dog Daycare-Dog Boarding,   Pet Shops-Pet Businesses-Pet Stores,   Pet Supply Stores-Pet Accessories-Pet Bakeries

 Photo-Video Businesses for Sale
Photo Labs-Photo Processing,   Photography Businesses-Photo Studios,   Video Stores-DVD Movie Rental Stores

 Real Estate Businesses for Sale
Commercial Real Estate for Lease-Rent,   Commercial Real Estate for Sale-Land for Sale,   Home Inspection-Building Property Inspection,   Investment Properties-Income Properties,   Mortgage Businesses-Mortgage Companies,   Property Management-Facilities Real Estate Management,   Real Estate Companies-Real Estate Agencies

 Restaurants for Sale & Food Businesses
Asian Restaurants,   Bakeries,   Bars,   Bagel Stores,   BBQ Restaurants-American Restaurants,   Cafes-Bistros,   Candy Chocolate Stores,   Catering-Banquet Halls,   Chinese Restaurants,   Coffee Shops-Coffee Businesses,   Delis,   Diners,   Ethnic Restaurants,   European Restaurants,   Fast Food Restaurants,   Fish and Chip Shops,   Food Delivery-Restaurant Delivery,   Food Franchises-Restaurant Franchises,   Food Manufacturing-Food Distribution-Food Wholesale,   Greek Restaurants,   Grocery Stores-Supermarkets,   Ice Cream Shops,   Indian Restaurants,   Italian Restaurants,   Japanese Restaurants,   Juice Bars-Yogurt-Smoothie,   Kosher Restaurants,   Liquor Stores-Wine Stores,   Mexican Restaurants,   Middle Eastern Restaurants,   Pizza Shops-Pizzeria Restaurants,   Pubs-Taverns,   Seafood Restaurants,   Snack Bars,   Subway-Sandwich Shops-Sub Shops,   Supermarkets,   Tea Rooms,   Vending Machines-Vending Routes

 Retail Businesses, Stores & Shops for Sale
Antique Stores-Antique Shops,   Galleries-Art Galleries-Art Studios,   Beauty-Cosmetic-Perfume Shops,   Beauty Supply-Hair Supply,   Book Stores-Book Shops,   Card-Hallmark Card Shops,   Clothing Stores,   Cell Phone Stores-Wireless,   Christian Related,   Convenience Stores-C Stores,   Dollar Stores-Discount Stores,   Dollar Store Franchises,   Electronics-Appliance Stores,   Florists-Flower Shops,   Framing-Frame Shops,   General Stores-Country Stores-Variety Stores,   Gift Shops-Gift Stores,   Grocery Stores-Food Markets,   Hardware Stores-Tool Shops,   Craft Hobby Shops-Collectible Stores,   Jewelry Stores-Jewelers,   Kiosks-Mall Kiosks,   Lighting Stores,   Lumber Yards,   Mini Marts,   Music Stores-Musical Instruments Store,   Office Supplies-Office Supply,   Party Stores-Costume Shops,   Pawn Shops-Pawn Stores,   Pharmacies-Pharmacy-Drug Stores,   Shoe Stores-Shoe Shops,   Toy Stores-Toy Shops,   Mail Order

 Sports Businesses for Sale
Cigar Stores-Cigar Shops-Tobacco Store,   Fishing-Fishing Stores-Bait Shops-Tackle Shops,   Golf Shops-Golf Stores,   Golf Courses-Miniature Golf Courses,   Gun Shops-Gun Store-Firearms,   Memorabilia Stores-Trading Card-Collectibles,   Paintball Stores,   Ski-Jet Ski-Surf Shops

 Transportation Businesses for Sale
Bus Companies-Charter Bus,   Cabs-Taxi-Limo Limousine,   Delivery Routes-Courier-FedEx Routes,   Freight Brokerages,   Logistics,   Mini Storages-Self Storage,   Moving Companies,   Trucking Companies,   Vending Machines-Vending Routes,   Warehouses-Industrial Warehouses

 Travel-Recreation Businesses for Sale
Bed and Breakfast-B&B Inns-Guest Houses,   Campgrounds-Mobile Home Parks-RV Parks,   Hotels for Sale-Resort Hotels-Hotel Franchises,   Kayak-Canoe,   Marinas-Dry Marina-Boatyard,   Motels for Sale-Inns for Sale,   Resorts for Sale-Beach Resorts-Ski Resorts,   Travel Agencies-Travel Businesses

 Wholesale Businesses for Sale
Distributors for Sale-Distribution Companies,   Equipment Dealers-Dealerships,   Import Export Businesses

 Other Businesses for Sale
Small Businesses for Sale,   Businesses for Sale by Owner,   Business Opportunities for Sale,   Internet Business Opportunities for Sale