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I am a woman

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I am a woman - 3/26/2008 8:55:27 AM   

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Hello, I am a woman, and apparently the first to post on this forum. Hope to see other women here. Then, the conversation can begin.


Jessica Hadler

American Business Group, LLC

+1 407 770 8373 Direct

jessicahadler . com
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RE: I am a woman - 3/28/2008 6:24:08 AM   


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hey, i am also a woman! howare u? what does your business do?

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RE: I am a woman - 4/2/2008 2:42:24 AM   


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Hello. I am interested in opening a fishery and a small restaurant with fish specialities, in Romania. Can someone offer me some contacts of suppliers and restaurants of that sort respectively, slides, photos..anything that concerns? :) Thank you so much. Hope to hear news from you and if you need whatever information, I'll be glad to be helpful.;)

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RE: I am a woman - 5/31/2008 10:56:48 AM   


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Nice to meet you, I am a women. I am newer to the business,But we all start somewhere!

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RE: I am a woman - 10/16/2008 3:51:11 PM   


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I am a small woman business owner who is looking to secure some funding for growth. My company has been in business for over 4 years and keeps growing. Any ideas on how to find funding?

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RE: I am a woman - 11/23/2008 9:09:23 AM   


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Hi, I am woman Entrepreneur from India in IT business, established in 2000, with current strength of 225 plus staff.We provide data management services for oil and gas industry. I am looking for expansion, diversification in to providing Legal process documentation services for which we have a team of highly profecient, experienced attorneys. If any of you out there is looking for such an opportunity to either partner or acquire please let me know. Any pointers or ideas for contacting the right person will be good.

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RE: I am a woman - 2/3/2009 10:29:38 AM   


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Hi Malathi,

I came across your write up, would you please give me more information and the region you would want the expansion.

My email is:


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RE: I am a woman - 2/12/2009 6:12:12 AM   


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Hi. I am a woman from Nigeria in Africa. I am glad to find a Forumwhere I can share and learn as a woman in business. I am currently in business with my husband running an HSE/Sustainable Development consultancy firm in Port harcourt, Rivers State of the popular Niger Delta.

I am presently working on going on a dare to establish a carbonated mineral water and purified table water company. I call it a dare because not even men dare to think of a thing like this unless they have a lot of money to spare. But I may not have a lot of money but I do have a lot of faith.

I hope that by joining this forum i can get a lot of advice and support and maybe I can also get some women investors interested in partnering with me in this profitable venture.

Can anybody tell me where i can get turnkey equipment for carbonated mineral water production and perhaps the cost for the plant, shipping and installation?

Mayowa Peter-Cookey
+234 (0) 805 513 9316, (0) 706 307 5155, (0) 809 984 8777
+234 (0) 84 754610
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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RE: I am a woman - 9/6/2009 7:05:25 PM   

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Hi everyone. It seems that I am in the right forum! I am a woman who does commercial loan brokering in the USA (Texas).


(832) 900-9328
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RE: I am a woman - 2/12/2010 7:31:06 AM   


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Hi I am a woman and new to the forum. I own and run a film production company. Nice to meet you all.

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RE: I am a woman - 2/24/2010 7:35:57 AM   


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Finally, I think I have found the place for me. I'm a woman who's is the owner of Arenda, LLC a Real Estate Investment company and I'm in need of 60K to partner with a well known Investment company that will increase my business by 300k. Any idea's of where I could come up with the money?

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RE: I am a woman - 9/9/2010 1:05:24 PM   


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I am a woman who started a horse treat business because of a class I took when losing my job. I have been working on this business for about 1 year and it has great potential, however I am in need of an Investor. I have several contracts in the works with a few major players in the industry. I would love to find a woman who would be interested in investing. Please contact me


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RE: I am a woman - 8/7/2011 4:20:34 AM   


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you can get funding agents to help u raise money.

How are you,see contact details of funding agent in united states donors
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I am a woman - 7/11/2012 4:58:25 AM   


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I think this is a right platform where we can discuss about our common problems related to business, internet and social issues.

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RE: I am a woman - 7/12/2012 12:23:18 AM   


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What do you need funding for. And why type of return are you offering. My name is Beth. I may be able to help you. My email is

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RE: I am a woman - 10/29/2012 9:58:54 AM   


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Hi I am JAYA Business Woman from Southern India, so delighted to see a gathering of wonderful business women counterparts around the Globe here. I am here to meet many eminent women Entrepreneurs to discuss and learn more on business and also here to welcome business partners as well. I am owning an International partnering company welcoming International business women Entrepreneurs and Investors to join with me for various investing opportunity in India . 路 India is one of the best places in the world for a safe and good returns of Investment . 路 India is a great developing country , with the second largest in the population . 路 Government Liberal & Encouraging Policy towards Foreign Investments. 路 Special Encouragements and Reorganization for the women Entrepreneurs. 路 Formalities & Procedures are very Simple. 路 Very safe Environment , 路 Trust Worthy, Hard working, sincere women Entrepreneurs. 路 The Currency Value Difference between the countries makes your Small Investment TURN to a massive & big Investment in India. 路 Infra Structure & Women power is very Competitive & Economical than other countries. 路 Upgraded and Updated Technology is available at a Economic Budget. 路 You get Skilled Work(wo)men and Talented Professionals highly Dedicated. 路 Best Resourced place for any buy back manufacturing units. 路 We have a very strong women marketing and sales team in the name of women self help groups. 路 Many more to Add鈥︹︹︹︹.. You may pls contact me on &

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RE: I am a woman - 12/19/2012 10:55:33 PM   


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We specialize in searching for potential investments for our high net-worth clients worldwide. Our visualization is based upon securing and safe guarding our clients interests in order to achieve the maximum return on their investments.

We routinely receive requests from clients looking for profitable projects to invest in, which can generate substantial profit margins. We have examined your company's profile through an online angle network and consider you to fit our criteria provisionally.

Should this be of interest to you, could you please forward an executive summary/synopsis detailing your funding needs, amount required, tenure, business and projected repayment plans. This would enable us match and process same with a view to finding a mutually beneficial package for your organisation and our clientele/investor(s).


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RE: I am a woman - 8/1/2013 8:10:10 PM   


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Hello everyone!!! Although I have been a business owner for several years, I have just launched a line of women's products. I have four products right now. The first product is a Age Defy by Belo Viso a serum that you put on your face, fine lines and wrinkles and within 60 seconds your face or neck becomes tighter and those fine lines and wrinkles are gone. The tightness goes away after about 20 mins, this is not a permanent fix, it lasts 10 to 12 hours. This product has peptides that instantly work with your collagen. The company is Bel Viso we are based out of Austin Texas however our Manufacturer is based in Florida. This is amazing product, the sell volume locally is ridiculous. I am trying to get this line on the national level, if any of you ladies are interested in becoming a distributor for this product I would absolutely love it!! The resale on this one product is $90.00. If you are not interested in a distributor and want it for yourself visit our website. The pictures on the site are of actual client's. Becoming a distributor would help me get this product national and also your profit margin is more than 50 percent!!! This beauty industry is more than a billion dollar industry. Let me know if your interested. Thanks everyone.


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RE: I am a woman - 8/11/2015 12:15:40 AM   


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Hello i have an investor with a capital of about $80, 000 000 in all her investment willing to invest in any business but need a partner who can run the business . So if you want any person to invest with you then you can contact me for more info . But her interest is in three countries .Norway , UAE , AND in UK . She is willing to invest in Building Hotels , Real Estate , Gas and Oil and also setting up restaurant also with retail stores if you can bring to her a good business proposal. Also interested in expanding small businesses . My email is . She deals in Gold and diamonds, crude oil and hotels, catering, construction company, Hospitality companies and some others, just to name a few. I am here to seek on advice and help help her get a lucrative business ,where one can invest a capital worth $80 million dollars. I want to diversify investment, that way she can buy shares from companies and stock market and also own businesses, but i need an experience business man to help me out. We are ready to finance the investment You reply either through email

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RE: I am a woman - 3/29/2023 1:01:29 AM   


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Hello, I am a woman, and apparently the first to post on this forum. Hope to see other women here. Then, the conversation can begin.

I am pleased to respond to the thread.

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