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leehman12 -> Business Franchising – Why You Should Franchise Your Business (4/9/2010 3:28:30 AM)

Franchising is not at all a new concept. We witness many franchises in our every day lives as there are plenty of chains all over the country. These franchises have some control over the chain and run them almost independently. In a nutshell, franchise is a business established under an authorization to sell a company’s goods and services in a different area.

For example, Company A in New York wants to expand its business Boston, it may open its branch or an outlet there but what if the company doesn’t have the time and resources to sell their products in Boston? This is why many companies, willing to expand business opt for franchise so that they don’t have to handle the operations which is resource and time intensive.

There are many entrepreneurs who are willing to purchase franchise from companies looking towards to expand their businesses. The franchise has to sign a contract and terms and conditions which lay out how the franchise have to be run, the quality standards maintained, the back end operations profit sharing etc.

Franchising is more beneficial especially when a company wants to expand its business in a different state or country where it has to wait for government approval and other formalities. Even if happens, the company may not have the expertise to market their products in that particular place due to various reasons. Franchising is the best option for any company wanting to expand its business. It will drastically reduce capital outlay, operations, marketing and all headaches.

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