Canadian Company Launches World’s First International Golf Café Franchise (Full Version)

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pmcanada -> Canadian Company Launches World’s First International Golf Café Franchise (1/13/2011 12:26:34 PM)

Toronto, Ontario – If there was ever any doubt that golfers are fanatical about their sport, witness an amazing trend that golfers in South Korea have started. In 2003, South Korea, a country with an estimated population of just under 49 million, had 300 virtual golf cafes up and running. Today, there are over 5,000 virtual golf cafes catering to roughly 200,000 golfers who play virtual golf on a daily basis. This trend has not been lost on the brand new franchise Links Golf Café in their quest to bring North America’s first virtual golf café to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Utilizing about Golf’s PGA TOUR-endorsed golf simulators, Links Golf Café is looking to capitalize on the golfer’s passion to play, regardless of weather conditions, in a social atmosphere that provides ‘eater’tainment, where golfers will get more than just access to world class golf courses with their coffee and sandwich. “Our goal is to create a ‘wow experience for our clientele”, says Andre Ferris of Links Golf Café Canada. “Not only will we be providing access to the world’s best golf courses, we will have the food, beverage, and service to compliment it. Imagine ordering up a mouth-watering a Panini sandwich, a fresh-roasted gourmet organic coffee, and heading over to one of our PGA TOUR simulators to play Pebble Beach or St. Andrew’s. We aim to create an entertainment and dining experience that anyone who enters one of our cafes will never forget.”
The battle for entertainment dollars in the food and beverage industry is not a new one. Companies have been looking for that magic combination of providing entertainment with food and beverage service for years. With virtual golf becoming as popular as dart boards and billiards tables, a new player is emerging in the industry and Links Golf Cafes will look to rival traditional entertainment outlets like bowling alleys for that coveted market share. Having the ability to play in golf leagues against both local golfers and golfers across the world is a concept that no current venue can compete with. “The idea that our customers will have the opportunity to play virtual golf on the world’s most famous courses against other golfers from across the world is very exciting,” says Ferris. “Canada has the highest rate of golfers per capita and we are going to make sure that Canadians always have a place to play, regardless of the weather outside.”
With 15 Links Golf Café franchises already awarded across Canada, the buzz about Links Golf Café is definitely catching on. And with conservative plans to have 15 virtual golf cafes up and running in Canada by the end of 2012, and 77 more by the end of 2018, this is just the beginning for the company who will bring the world’s first international golf café franchise to Vancouver in the summer of 2011.

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