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hoyosfoods -> Selling or Need investor. (3/28/2016 8:37:55 AM)

I have a snack manufacturing facility and have all permits, licenses and is ready to produce but, unfortunately do not have anymore capital to finance therefore im interested in selling my business for only $275k i have well over this amount in equipment alone or need $135k for an investment. My equipment is capable of doing about 15,000 bags per day MSRP .99 i can also provide private labeling for customers and can pack other granular food items such as: rice, beans, sugar etc. if interested get back to me asap.

wealth890 -> RE: Selling or Need investor. (2/5/2018 3:02:28 PM)

I am an investor/Lender.We focus on seed Capital,early stage,start-up ventures,existing LLC and total completion and expansion of investment projects with immediate funding.Having extensive corporate and private background with mammoth sized connection portal.We can fund excess of $20M multiple projects,equity.mortgages and open to long term business relationship with business partner sustaining our company 3 win policy.We offer a worldwide lending platform to provide flexible credit facilities to individuals and companies having moderate revenues.We service a board range of industries in the manufacturing,wholesale,retail ,and service sectors.Contact us on e mail lets discuss more and see to the possibilities of your getting funding from us on
Ron Richard

allan12 -> RE: Selling or Need investor. (9/22/2018 3:15:19 PM)

It’s a pleasure to contact you on a business platform to grow your business.
I represent an investment company working on financing realistic and profitable projects that buys our interest via soft loan of about 4% ROI for duration of 5-10 years depending on the project feasibility and renewable tenure applies.

You can always drop me an email if you have any questions or you'd like to receive further information about our lending service.
Your positive response in your earliest convenience will be highly valued.

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