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ngornto -> Painting Contractor looking for partner in RE deals (1/5/2017 3:35:35 PM)

Hello, I am a licensed painting contractor and entrepreneur who is looking to get his real estate agent license this spring. I am well established, my business grew over 200% last year and I have strong references which I can provide. I am currently seeking funding or an equity partner in future real estate deals. I will be responsible for finding properties, managing the rehab, estimating costs, and selling via RE agent this spring as the market gets hot. Willing to consider any offers, investments will be secured by real estate and a good deal won't last long in my experience. I can provide work for properties in any state in the US as I and my crew love to travel. Any deal I flip would be one where there is already room for profit after purchase, rehab, taxes, closing costs, etc. Not in this game to lose money, only to make it and make it grow.

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