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mdelluomo -> Vending Partnerships / Growth (7/2/2017 9:30:14 PM)

I want to help take my business operations/IT skills from my main job (oversee more than 2MM and 6 employees in the consulting world)
and expand my vending operations with someone who has a decent number of accounts in my area (50-100+ perhaps).
I am turning 30 and in this for the long run and I'd rather partner with someone to build slow and steady then try to just market for new accounts on my own.
It seems there are a fair amount of little guys and a few big ones...It could be more profitable long term for two or three smaller companies to combine in my
opinion and perhaps strategize on a buyout down the road. All options are on the table. I have some solid items to bring to the table in return for someone who has a
larger number of accounts, is reasonable, professional, and looking to grow their operations, efficiency, and make money. Full transparency:

-In business for about 3 years

-14 machines over 6 locations in 1 hour radius from my home (Maryland/Anne Arundel County)

-All machines take plastic

-All machines (Dixie Narco/Crane Bevmaxes and AMS) basically new except for 2

-All machines have eport G9's using USA Technologies and are connected to Parlevel Systems VMS

-I have one great part time employee who prekits and services locations as well as a low mileage box truck

-Some high volume locations

I am a young professional, driven, and looking to grow. I would even be willing to assume servicing someone's route in exchange for profit sharing and an
eventual buyout over time. Again, all options are on the table for me and I am open to input. Thank you. Please email -

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