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Carrington Blake Enterprise are seeking individuals who want to make a difference by offering a service that gives businesses and people a choice of services.

This Service is called Quote Synergy.com and operates as a Network of businesses across the UK in order to deliver the best results.

We are looking for individuals to host and rent a number of websites dedicated to over 36 sectors each sites focused on one industry and a Region.

You get to pick your own business operating name, sector, your Logo, With our help that will eventually enable you to become business Man or Woman of the year.

Your role will be to generate interest from the local public and businesses within your selected area and register as many of them on your site for free in other words increase traffic and in return you will offer paid advertising and directory space to your local businesses for which you will retain up to 80% of your profits.

We also provide you with a marketing strategy, full manual to the sites, and access to the backend so you can make the site your own, by writing articles and generating newsletters to your customers – easy peesy.

Your site will have the following functionalities:

- Online Quotations
- Bidding Functionality
- Directory Services
- Banner Advertisement
- Pay per click and Pay per view
- Instant messaging
- E-mail Notification
- E-mail Campaigns
- Online Stats
- Video Adverts
- Find a supplier search
- Online Newsletters

Plus much more

To become part of this services it cost a mere £500 to sign up and we start to deliver to you the full service from the date you sign on the dotted line.

Earn between £4,000 -£6,000 per month, just for increasing traffic to your site and selling advertising space online.

Remember you also earn profit from posting adverts on other associated websites you act as a advertising network.
Find out more information by visiting: www.carringtonblakeenterprise.com or send an e-mail to enterprise@carringtonblake.com

Alternatively you can call: 0207 481 9495

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