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How to Set Up a Home-Based eBay Business

Many people love to shop at eBay ( and many other people not only shop but sell their goods as well. In fact some people sell so much on eBay that they quit their day jobs and that is all they do. They basically run a business in their home with the storefront being nothing but an eBay advertisement. But in order to be successful, there are some steps one must take. Do not make the mistake thinking that an eBay business is just a matter of posting your goods, kicking back, and getting rich. A home-based eBay business is really no different than any other business and a lot of planning is involved.

The first thing you must do is decide what type of product you want to sell. The key point to remember is to not try to sell a product where the market is already saturated. If you try to sell where there are many competitors you will have a very hard time getting market share.

Do not go blindly into the advertisement for a lucrative eBay business for sale without checking it out. You see, on eBay you can buy a pre-packaged business website that is advertised by the phrases turnkey, lucrative, profitable, and so on. Of course the sellers of the prepackaged sites will tell you that you will make money almost right away but this is not usually the case. For example, take an eBay ad that sells a turnkey site for a business selling remote-controlled front door openers (we just made up this product for sake of an example). Of course the advertisement is going to try to get you to buy it with words that seem to indicate it will make money right away.

Remember, our example is make-believe (remote-controlled front door openers) but you can stick in any product you see that is being sold on eBay through the turn-key web sites for sale. You definitely have to do research to find out how saturated that particular market is and how much demand there is. Not doing this bit of homework will make it next to impossible to sell a single item on eBay.

Once you have decided on a product to sell, then you need to get an eBay account and a Paypal account. Both are absolutely free to enroll in. The nice thing about Paypal and eBay is that they work closely together to make sure you get your money easily and safely.

When you first enroll in eBay, you might want to try your hand at selling a few items around the house and get a feel for how an internet auction works before you buy an eBay business for sale or start your own storefront. Remember that an internet auction is one where things will sell when they are low-priced. If you are selling a relatively unique product, you may have some flexibility in setting the price. You will be paying fees for both listing and selling your items. This means that even if you do not sell the advertised product, you still have to pay a fee.

Once you are selling on your eBay internet auction, make sure you give good customer service like shipping the items on time and responding to the buyer’s questions. This will give you business good reviews at the end of a sale and help build your reputation as a trusted seller, which is critical to selling anything on the internet.

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