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Our note buyers and investors can buy the following types of notes:

- balloon mortgage notes
- business cash flow notes
- business mortgage notes
- business notes
- business loan notes
- business promissory notes
- cash flow notes
- discount mortgage notes
- mortgage notes
- mortgage loan notes
- private mortgage notes
- real estate cash flow notes
- real estate mortgage notes
- real estate notes
- real estate promissory note
- real estate secured note
- structured settlements
- trust deeds
- unsecured notes
- other notes

Note buyers and investors are waiting to help you ... sell your note today!


Getting the Cash Out of your Business Note
Business notes, known more specifically as seller carryback business notes, are created when the buyer of a business can not or will not pay all cash. Frequently, banks and similar lending institutions are hesitant to loan money to new business owners who have ... Read more>>

Making the Sale with Seller Financing and Business Notes
In the purchase and sale of any business, the amount of cash trading hands is always one of the major factors in the transaction. The buyer of the business wants to pay as little as possible and get as favorable of terms for himself as he can, while the seller ... Read more>>

Tips on Creating a Real Estate Note
Over the past few years of low interest rates in real estate, there was not a lot of news about owner financing. Banks and credit unions have scrambled to find more customers by lowering their lending criteria and competing on rates, so that nearly anyone could ... Read more>>

Mortgage Notes - How To Find A Mortgage Note Buyer
You've finally sold that property using owner financing, but now realize that you would like to get some cash now for your mortgage note. There are lots of people out there who are mortgage note buyers, but how do you make sure that you dealing with someone who is ... Read more>>

How To Sell Mortgage Notes - 7 Tips On How To Sell Your Mortgage Note
Most people with a mortgage note are not familiar with how to sell that note and how to make sure that the mortgage note buyer is trustworthy. The tips below are basics to help you down the path of successfully selling your mortgage note: 1) Work with a licensed ... Read more>>

Owner Financing Can Help You Make The Sale
From the 1990's until about 2006, there was not a lot of news about owner financing and real estate notes. Banks and credit unions had scrambled to find more customers by lowering their lending criteria and competing on rates so that nearly anyone could find a loan ... Read more>>

Real Estate Realities - How To Sell Real Estate Notes
A few days ago, a gentleman man called me about selling his real estate note (as our business is buying owner financed notes). He had managed to run up credit card debts of over $140,000, and finally decided that it was time to start paying that down. He hoped ... Read more>>

What is a Promissory Note and How it is used in Business?
A promissory note is a contract detailing the terms of a promise by one party to pay a sum of money to the other. If there is a product that one person wants, but cannot pay for in full, a promissory note is a great solution. With promissory notes, there is always ... Read more>>
If you are interested in selling your Business Note, Mortgage Note or Real Estate Note, or if you are aware of opportunities in this area or have any questions, GlobalBX can help you.

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