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Business Type: Opportunity
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Training and Support: Yes
Liquid Capital Required: $20,000


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Untapped Market –
Our model is simple; focus on the highly profitable, and readily available, independent or mid-sized chain locations. These locations are for the most part overlooked by the other companies in this industry as they raise tens of millions of dollars to deploy corporately operated kiosks into the largest of the grocery and fast food chains. Mid-sized chains and independent locations realize the benefits of offering DVD rentals and are turning to independently operated DVDNow rental kiosks to satisfy huge consumer demand.

DVDNow Kiosks are transforming the way consumers rent movies. Just as ATMs revolutionized banking, our automated DVD rental kiosks are the next step in the evolution of DVD rentals.

Automated DVD rental kiosks have taken Europe by storm and in many markets have all but replaced traditional video stores. In the United States the automated DVD rental kiosk industry is in its infancy with kiosks only now beginning to appear as a result of several massive deployments by multi-million dollar companies into fast food, grocery, and convenience store chains.

Convenience is Key –
People are much more likely to rent a new release where it is fast and convenient. Our DVDNow automated DVD rental kiosks are the perfect fit for grocery, convenience stores, gas stations, office buildings and other venues that consumers frequent on a regular basis. Our automated DVD rental kiosks allow DVD renters to grab a DVD without making an extra stop on the way home.

DVD Renting made Fun and Easy –
Customers can browse through a complete offering of the latest movie titles, watch movie trailers, and most importantly, avoid a time consuming trip to an overcrowded traditional video store.

How many will you own?
We are at a point in the DVD rental kiosk industry that will never occur again. With only a few thousand kiosks, in total, operating in the entire United States, DVDNow is offering a ground floor opportunity that is constantly compared to the ATM industry of the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Capitalize on a $20+ Billion DVD industry –
DVDNow rental kiosks enable entrepreneurs to capitalize on the massive DVD industry by allowing them to participate in this exploding market – at the very beginning! With our program, entrepreneurs and independent operators are able to establish a network of state of the art DVD rental kiosks in high traffic locations such as grocery and convenience stores, fast food restaurants, university/college campuses and large apartment or condo complexes.

Offer only what is in the Highest Demand –
In a traditional video store, 90% of ALL movie rentals are new releases. Our automated DVD rental kiosks focus exclusively on the high in demand, heavily rented, and highly profitable, selection of new titles without the burden of carrying a catalogue of under-producing older titles.

Join a True leader in the automated DVD rental kiosk industry!
DVDNow Kiosks, Inc.

DVDNow Kiosks, Inc. has established a coast-to-coast presence in one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment industry, automated DVD rental kiosks.

Join the Revolution!

DVDNow Distributor Qualification Requirements –
DVDNow Kiosks, Inc. is committed to the success of our brand and our distributors. Our goal is, and has always been, to offer distributorships to the most qualified people in each market. Due to the very high demand for our product we are currently limited to working with only those individuals who have a minimum of $20,000 available start-up capital and are able to commence operations within 30 days of completing their due diligence. You will be contacted within 3 – 5 days after receipt of your initial inquiry to notify you if we are interested in pursuing a relationship.

Expanding in all states. International opportunities available.

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