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Start Your Own Home-Based Insurance Agency

With virtually everyone requiring insurance, the recession-resistant insurance industry continues to thrive. If you're interested in operating your own home-based business in an in-demand industry, consider becoming an independent insurance broker. The Pajama Man School teaches you everything you need to know to operate a successful business in the lucrative insurance industry. The proven Pajama Man system features:

  • No experience necessary.
  • NO cold calls- leads will be contacting you.
  • Incredible demand- insurance is a trillion dollar industry.
  • Huge market of over 100 million potential insurance clients.
  • A method for making insurance a niche business.
  • Recession-proof.
  • Cash advances.
  • Multiple potential income streams.
  • High customer retention rates.
  • Minimal equipment is necessary- only a phone, fax and computer are required.
  • Ability to start the business on a part-time basis and grow it to full-time.
  • Portable business- you may work from any location and you'll have the ability to turn the system on and off from a computer.
  • No inventory. No collections. No receivables.
  • No franchise fees. No royalties.

The Pajama Man system has produced top insurance brokers who represent any and/or all of the following types of insurance providers:

  • Health
  • Personal Liability
  • Medicare
  • Business Liability
  • Life
  • Personal Umbrella
  • Auto and Motorcycle
  • Business Umbrella
  • Homeowners and Renters
  • Business Owner
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Business Package
  • Earthquake and Flood
  • Workers Compensation
  • Inland Marine
  • Business Liability Surety
  • Watercraft
  • Commercial Auto
  • Mobile Home/RV and Off Road
  • Fixed Annuties
  • You Will Represent Top Insurance Companies- Without Leaving Home

    As an independent insurance broker you'll represent top insurance providers in each category from property and casualty, to life and health without ever leaving your home. The Pajama Man system gets you into business immediately. You will have access to:

    • Extensive online resource library 24/7
    • Cutting-edge, unique proprietary system
    • Comprehensive one-on-one training from home via the phone and Internet
    • Time management support
    • Problem solving
    • Daily teleconferences
    • Daily webinars
    • Unlimited daily one-on-one support

    Top Producers Have Used Our Proven System


    "I have recently started to work the "health side" of the business. I can tell you that by following what I learned in class, I am now writing 1-2 applications per day! If I do this for one year - and I will, my residual income will grow to $10,000 per month. Not bad for not leaving my house! I can't wait until I know what I am doing! The system works! If only I had more hours in the day ..."
    ~ William D.

    "Just taking a moment to say "thank you" for all your support. It feels really good to know that you are always there with your knowledge and encouragement. I look forward to each day of continued learning for ways of helping people with insurance needs. However, because I know I am not truly alone and always have you at the gate to guide, assist, and share your experience and suggestions, I would just like to stop and say THANK YOU for all of the above in my new journey.
    ~ Gail B.

    "Worked on a very difficult group policy that included a 41 year old pregnant female. Insurance company staff were a great help and the group was accepted...meaning I will earn over $1000 for the deal plus residuals. In addition, I wrote a HIPAA policy, a child policy, and a 61 yr old policy. Should write another today with two others waiting in the wings. The preg women's fiancee is with a group of DJ's who need insurance. Pipeline filling!"
    ~ Keith A.

    "I wrote 4 BOR's and 4 major meds the last few days. I have been tied up so I did this working only a few hours. All I do is say what you have taught me, it is "unreal". Thanks for all you do!"
    ~Joe M.

    "I've gotten a total of 15 apps, not counting the 3 I submitted between yesterday and today in the last week….. Sold my first policy today! :-) >>>I emailed you yesterday to let you know that I had gotten my first deal yesterday and had two more lined up for today. I just got my second deal and am calling on my third in a few minutes. Just wanted to share the GREAT news! Yipee!>>> Just got another one ! I am on a roll! 3 so far and it's only Tuesday. I am excited! >>> I find that the words are just coming out of my lips without hesitation as if I am some expert or something. My client from this morning said, and I quote: "No one has ever talked insurance this way to me before, this is great." >>> I am on application # 2 today Saturday. I might have to do this more often! Hope all is well. …..I wrote 5 applications in the last few days! >>> I got 4 life insurance policies written all THIS week! Yup..yup :) >>> I did a total of 4 life insurance policies and 2 health. I also had 3 phone referrals to contact this morning and have set appointments with all for tomorrow. I continue to build my pipeline. Very cool. >>> Just a quick note that I meant to send to you last week. I've got two $10 million dollar life insurance policies in the works. :) Nice!"
    ~Evelyn J.

    "First few hours working, already, wrote 1 App from the very first lead and ended up with 3 individual Apps from the 2nd lead, husband, wife and adult son! Tons of leads and business in the "hopper" already. As you say Andy the demand is incredible , business everywhere I turn! Super excited to keep building the pipeline and money pad. >>> YOU ARE ALL THAT YOU PROMISED AND MORE---thanks Andy! >>> Wrote 3 more today!"
    ~Ambre M.

    "Here's an update on my progress as of today. In my first two weeks, I have sold 5 P&C policies and am workng on 9 more policies, 4 Health and 5 more p&c policies :) >>> Business is cranking. Wrote two more this morning with UHC. Commission is about $1200. >>> Wrote 4 policies Friday. >>> Earned $3100 last week in commissions."
    ~Tim D

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